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Take your time and relax in our Onsen.

Slow down and discover total relaxation in naturally heated thermal waters, renowned for being beneficial to general health and well being. The onsen at Tappunoyu has three bathing areas; an indoor bath, a single bath and a spacious outdoor bath fronted by a rocks and zen style gardens. Guests staying at Tappunoyu will enjoy unlimited complimentary onsen access.

The alkaline hot spring water includes sodium and chloride and is effective for relieving fatigue and muscle pain, rejuvenating your body after exhausting outdoor activities.

Please enjoy our hot spring, surrounded by Shinshinotsu’s beautiful nature.


Onsen Specifications

設備 Face & hand towel, Tooth brush, bath towel, shampoo, rinse, body soap, yukata, hair dryer, shaving, cottons buds, washlet
休館日 3rd Monday of every month
泉質 Hypertonic alkaline spring water. Sodium, magnesium, hydrogen carbonate, chlorides, sulfates (hypotonic, neutral, high-temperature hot spring)
効能 Chronic muscle pain stiffness, arthralgia (back pain, articular rheumatism, odyrostyhtopsyhy,stiff and painful shoulder,motor palsy,torsional deformity) stiffness for motor palsy, deteriorate gastrointestinal function( eg. aggravation,gassy intestinal ..), mild high blood pressure, impaired glucose tolerance(diabetes), mild cholesterinemia, mild asthma, pneumonectasia, autonomic instability, hemorrhoid,stress symptoms(dysgryphia,depressive state)
湧出地 Shinshinotsu Town 1220-1, Ishikari-gun
湧出量 250 litre/per minute
湧出温度 52.5 degrees
pH値 7.46
蒸発残留物 26.80g/kg
料金 15 Tickets: ¥6,000
早朝温泉 6:00-8:00: Adult ¥400 ・Under 12years old ¥200
Day Spring Bath 10:00-23:00: Adult ¥500 ・Under 12years old ¥250